Zbigniew Lorenc

On 25 Oct 2016

Professor Zbigniew Lorenc, President of Polish Club of Coloproctology, reports on ESCP's 2nd Regional Masterclass, Modern and Advanced Management of Rectal Cancer, Katowice, Poland

On 19 Oct 2016

Milan prize winners were Jim Tiernan (Best Paper), Gonzalo Martin-Martin (Best Lunchtime Poster) and Evangelos Xynos (Best New Trial).

On 19 Oct 2016

  ESCP offered 10 opportunities between August 2015 and June 2016: 2-4 week observerships, 3-month fellowships and 6-month fellowships. Fellows report here on their experiences.

Stephan Post

On 5 Oct 2016

Outgoing President, Stefan Post, gave the first ESCP Conference Presidential Address at Milan 2016. He talked about the benefits of membership and ESCP's aim to be the greatest platform in the world for education, colaborative research and guidelines in coloproctology.

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