Klaus Matzel

On 25 Aug 2016

We talked to Professor Klaus Matzel, (Professor of Surgery and the Head of the Section of Coloproctology at the University of Erlangen, Germany) about a new session 'Activities in Coloproctology around the Globe' that took place at this year’s meeting in Milan…

On 12 Aug 2016

ESCP would like to congratulate the collaborators, support staff and patients that participated in the ESCP Snapshot Audit 2016, as the audit captured 2527 surgical operations in 48 countries across 312 centres. The preliminary results will be presented at the ESCP conference in Milan during the International Trials Results Forum session.

Photo of Tom Oresland

On 8 Aug 2016

Professor Tom Øresland (Akershus University Hospital, Norway) discussed the management of complicated diverticulitis at this year’s ESCP meeting in Milan. We talked to Professor Oresland about the current treatment strategies for this condition and other issues…

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