Carolynne Vaizey

On 24 Dec 2018

Innovative new guidelines for the treatment of grade I-IV haemorrhoidal disease (HD) have been developed by ESCP in partnership with the Guideline Development Group (GDG). Feedback is now welcomed ahead of their publication in Colorectal Disease.

On 21 Dec 2018

The aim is to provide guidance on the most effective surgical treatment and management of patients with haemorrhoidal disease. By providing this guidance, the ESCP hopes to improve patient outcomes including recurrence of disease, complications, symptoms and quality of life.

On 17 Dec 2018

ESCP is delighted to be working alongside AIS (Advances In Surgery) to share key educational content on its AIS Channel which will see the leading online platform for surgical education share some of the most popular sessions from the ESCP 13th Annual Meeting, held in Nice, France, in September.

The Future of Surgery graphic

On 13 Dec 2018

ESCP’s Research Chair, Dion Morton, has taken part in a report on behalf of The Commission on the Future of Surgery which explores the advances that will transform surgery over the next 20 years.

Paul-Antoine Lehur

On 7 Dec 2018

Paul-Antoine Lehur, chair of the regional events working group, discusses ESCP’s 7th Regional Masterclass on Reoperative Colorectal Surgery which is set to take place in Antalya, Turkey in spring 2019.

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