Richard Brady

On 30 Apr 2021

Richard Brady is ESCP's Communications Committee Chair, and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at Newcastle Hospitals

Eloy Espin Basany

On 26 Apr 2021

Eloy Espin Basany is ESCP's President. He is Professor of Surgery, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

Baljit Singh

On 26 Apr 2021

Baljit Singh is ESCP's Journal Representative and Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Honorary Associate Professor at University Hospitals Leicester, UK

Evangelos Xynos

On 26 Apr 2021

Evangelos Xynos is ESCP's President and Professor of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Crete.

Miguel Pera, Assistant Treasurer

On 26 Apr 2021

Miguel Pera is ESCP's Treasurer and Professor of Surgery at Hospital del Mar, Barcelona.

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