On 26 Oct 2021

Is it time for a global move towards the centralisation of surgery? Insights from Dr Tomas Poskus’ ESCP2021 keynote lecture.

On 13 Oct 2021

UEG Proctology Courses

On 5 Oct 2021

EAGLE is recruiting its FINAL hospitals The EAGLE safe-anastomosis study which began in August 2020 is now recruiting its FINAL hospitals to take part. So far, 270 hospitals from more than 50 countries have been randomised to take part in this first of its kind study.

On 24 Sep 2021

Ahead of the Guidelines Committee session at the ESCP Virtual Conference 2021, Yasuko Maeda talks us through the agenda including an update on the Committee's activity and recently published guidelines. #ESCP2021

On 22 Sep 2021

Prof Simon Ng welcomes attendees to the #ESCP2021 Virtual Conference and highlights the Global Reach session, 'Building and Developing the Global Reach Community.'
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