On 14 Dec 2023

INITIative Ireland's TOAST-IBD group is in the process of developing a core outcome set for IBD patients with stomas who represent a cohort that are universally excluded from clinical trials.

On 13 Dec 2023

Find out more about the EAGLE training platform and webinar

Laura Koskenvuo

On 12 Dec 2023

Laura Koskenvuo's research into rectal cancer treatment earned her the distinguished 'Best of the 12 Best' award at this year's ESCP conference in Vilnius. In a post-conference interview, she and Nicolas Avellaneda discussed her study, which has the potential to shift current treatment protocols by highlighting the benefits of oral antibiotics in rectal cancer surgeries.

James Ngu Chi Yong

On 12 Dec 2023

James Ngu Chi Yong, awarded for his Best Surgical Video at the ESCP 18th Scientific Conference in Vilnius, was featured in a post-conference interview that highlighted his exceptional work in the field of robotic surgery. His video, recognized for its innovation and educational value, delves into advanced surgical techniques.

On 8 Dec 2023

After the culmination of the ESCP 18th Scientific Conference in Vilnius, Maria Sanchez Rodriguez, a surgery resident at the University Hospital in Madrid, was recognized for her exceptional work.

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