Eleven surgeons and specialized stomatherapists were joined by seven faculty members at a two-day workshop on ileoanal pouches (IPAA) and continent Ileostomies (Kock and modified Kock pouch), held in Hamburg, Germany between 14-16 November.

The workshop was a training initiative run by ESCP's European School of Coloproctology and the EHTG (European Hereditary Tumor Group) to teach and discuss both the ileoanal pouch (IPAA) and continent ileostomy.

The interactive course was designed to promote theoretical background knowledge and attendees were able to learn about the practical experiences with the ileoanal pouch procedure and two different variants of a continent ileostomy over the course of the two days.

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The first day included sessions on Evolution and History, Contraindication and Failure and Postoperative Care, and videos explaining the different continent ileostomies step by step. The second day was exclusively for surgeons and in the porcine model after a first laparoscopic ileoanal pouch, the different designs were practiced several times, including fashioning a continent ileostomy from an ileoanal J-pouch.

Course Director Gabriela Möslein, said:

“We were thrilled to see such enthusiasm and commitment from the successful candidates who attended the two-day workshop in Hamburg. The mix of theoretical and practical learning, with experienced faculty members from Sweden and Germany, was interactive from the start to finish and allowed space for discussions on the first day and then expert and intense practical assistance on the second.

“Following the workshop, each candidate expressed their wish to establish the procedure at their institutions, but as discussed preceptorship will be important for implementation of the complex procedure. The candidates who attended were some of the first to learn about the forgotten Nils Kock procedure and the modifications that must now be prospectively validated as an ESCP topic.

“I would also like to thank Johnson & Johnson Institute for their support of the event and emphasize how fantastic the facilities have been for this workshop. The animal model was exceptional! Frankenman was able to provide for the workshop a stapler device that exactly met the requirements and is not as yet available for purchase.”

Professor Alois Fürst from Regensburg, Germany attended the workshop and commented:

“I’d like to thank the ESCP for providing what was a fantastic course in Hamburg. The concept were learned about has convinced me entirely! I have a patient with proctocolectomy and pouch, who is severely incontinent and would be a candidate for a continent ileostomy. It is something I hope the faculty can support me with going forward.”

A second IPAA and continent ileostomy workshop is scheduled for November 2019.

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