This successful masterclass on Reoperative Colorectal Surgery was held in Antalya, Turkey. ESCP and the Regional Events Working Group proudly report on the masterclass.

ESCP 7th Regional Masterclass Antalya Turkey

ESCP leadESCP held a very productive 7th regional masterclass meeting on Reoperative Colorectal Surgery in Antalya, Turkey on 13 April 2019. The masterclass was organised in conjunction with the biennial XVIIth Turkish Colon & Rectal Surgery Congress. The meeting was coordinated by Gabriela Möslein and Ugur Sungurtekin, and supported by an educational grant from Johnson & Johnson.

Different colorectal surgical sub-headings in many fields like proctology, anastomotic failures, the difficult stoma, recurrent rectal cancer were discussed under the heading of Reoperative Colorectal Surgery. Both the speakers and participants had different approaches regarding these different subjects and this enabled the topics to be discussed in great detail.

The meeting was fluid and was received with great admiration from the participants. The event proved to be successful with an overall 5/5-star rating given by attendees and positive feedback was received. At the end of the day, both the participants and the faculty members decided to continue their cooperation with each other and to meet at the 2019 ESCP Congress in Vienna.

ESCP Organisers: Gabriela Möslein (Germany), Ugur Sungurtekin (Turkey)

ESCP Faculty: David Zimmerman (The Netherlands), Frederic Ris (Switzerland), Gabriela Möslein (Germany), Jean-Jacques Tuech (France), Muhammad Imran Aslam (UK), Paolo Giamundo (Italy), Thomas Golda (Spain).

With thanks to David Zimmerman and Muhammad Imran Aslam for their role as facilitators.

Local Faculty: Ayhan Kuzu (Turkey), Bulent Mentes (Turkey), Ethem Gecim (Turkey), Sumer Yamaner (Turkey)

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