Modern treatment of fistula and hemorrhoidal disease - ESCP's 11th Regional Masterclass - took place at Meet Ullevaal in Oslo.

This was the first ESCP regional masterclass held in Norway. We had a splendid faculty and a very vivid audience. There were approximately 80 participants from seven countries in the audience. In addition, several centers followed the masterclass online. There were over 100 individual viewers of the online stream of the masterclass.

The masterclass was organized in collaboration between the ESCP and the Norwegian Society for Colorectal Surgery (NFKK). Responsible for the program and organization of the event were David Zimmerman (ESCP, NL) and Johannes Schultz (NFKK). Usman Saeed from the Norwegian Surgical society was very helpful to find sponsors and to organize registration and technical support. The meeting was financially sponsored by the Norwegian Society of Gastrointestinal Surgery.

The main topic for the day was fistula in ano. In addition, there was one session on modern treatment hemorrhoidal disease. The faculty consisted of five international speakers (Monica Millan, Lilly Lundby, Steven Brown, Richard Cohen, David Zimmerman) and three local speakers (Maja Rosenlund, Stig Norderval and Johannes Schultz). The day started off with a trainee session taking us through the case of a typical patient with fistula in ano from the moment of the first abscess formation to the development and treatment of a fistula. That was followed by a session about the initial management and imaging. The third session before lunch was about simple fistulas and about two sphincter saving procedures.

After an excellent lunch with a view to Ullevål stadium, the pitch were the Norwegian national football team plays its home matches. The first session after lunch was on complex fistulas and on novel approaches in fistula disease. The final keynote lecture on hemorrhoidal disease by Steven Brown was an excellent session to round up this day of intense discussion and interaction. On behalf of the ESCP and the NFKK we thank the whole faculty and all participants for a wonderful day.

David Zimmerman and Johannes Schultz

Photos from the day

Three ESCP experts selfie
Three ESCP experts from around Europe - Monica Millan, Spain; Lilli Lundby, Denmark; David Zimmerman, Netherlands


Stig Nordeval
Stig Nordeval on imaging


Richard Cohen
Richard Cohen on the difference in perception (“princess on the pee vs Builders but”)


David Zimmerman
David Zimmerman, advancement flap and LIFT procedures


Monica Millan
Monica Millan on treatment of fistula treatment in the Crohn's patients


Steven Brown
Steven Brown, keynote lecture on hemorrhoidal disease


Lilly Lundby, Monica Rosenlund, Johannes Schultz
Left to right: Lilly Lundby on stemcells; trainee Monica Rosenlund presenting a case; Johannes Schultz on seton placement


Audience seated watching
The audience
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