hiroyoshi matsuokaIt was a great honour in my life to have a chance to attend this ESCP meeting in Copenhagen. I would like to represent my sincere gratitude to Prof. O’Connell. He instructed me to make a proper rotation in EU area. Firstly I visited St. Marks Hospital in London. Prof. Phillips and Dr Saunders gave me a precious opportunity looking at operation and endoscopy. At the ESCP meeting Prof. O’Connell encouraged me with his enthusiasm after I expressed Japanese gratitude to all of the people in the European society in terms of the earthquake tragedy on March 11.

After the ESCP meeting in Copenhagen, I moved to Stockholm for visiting Karolinska University Hospital. Dr Martling (below, top) generously allowed me to stay as a visiting fellow. Dr Helena Sackey took very good care of me in every situation. The final place I visited was the AMC in Netherland. Prof. Bemelman (below, bottom) also kindly supported my stay.

The experience in Cleveland Clinic Florida with Prof. Steven Wexner had allowed me to conduct a functional research in several Hiroyoshi Matsuoka with Dr Anna Martling at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholmcolorectal diseases. Thirteen years later, in September 2011, one of my aims to visit European society was to look at the treatment of advanced rectal cancer not only in the functional aspects but also in the oncological aspects, such as neo-adjuvant treatment.

My mentor, Prof. Masaki in my institution, encouraged me to extend my career as a coloproctologist.

Another thing I have been interested in the European society was the accomplishment of many national level randomized controlled trials in coloproctology. Needless to say, in research projects, there are lots of negative results. However, the process to obtain one result has to have tremendous efforts and there are uncountable dramas to be discussed. I was very much delighted to see that the presenters and questioners were paying good attention, respects and friendships with each other during the discussion.

Hiroyoshi Matsuoka with Dr Willem Bemelman at AMC in AmsterdamI would like to contribute to spread these wonderful relationships as a part in the next generation, and this is going to reward everyone’s unforgettable and cordial partnerships obtained in the ESCP Copenhagen meeting.

Hiroyoshi Matsuoka, M.D.
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