Documents with penAt whatever stage in your career you happen to be, it is important to keep up to date with the latest breakthroughs and research in coloproctology.

ESCP’s Research Committee has arranged two sessions covering this for ESCP 2018 in Nice. Book your place for either session via the ESCP app.

International Trials Results Forum

The International Trials Results Forum will take place on Wednesday 26 September from 13:25 to 14:55 and will help bring you right up to date with all the latest information on cutting-edge trials from around the world.

Chaired by Steve Brown, this session will look at current leading international trial updates and results. It will also provide and an update on Eurosurg and ESCP cohort studies.

Aimed at colorectal surgeons of all levels, this session’s format will be a series of four to five trial presentations with expert commentary and time for questions after each.

You will leave the session up-to-date on ground-breaking research from around the world, and with a clear understanding of who to connect with for further information.

Steve Brown is a colorectal surgeon from Sheffield, UK and Honorary Professor of Surgery at the University of Sheffield. He is President in Waiting for the ACPGBI and a member of the Research Committee for ESCP. You can connect with Steve on twitter @stevebrownsheff

The New Trials Forum

The New Trials Forum, taking place on Thursday 27 September from 08:35 to 10:00, is always popular, giving attendees an insight into some of the most recent trial submissions across Europe.

Join this session if you are working in any aspect of colorectal surgery, randomised controlled studies (RCTs) and/or colorectal research to improve your knowledge of new trials data.

Offering a summary of results from selected trials, this session is chaired by leading colorectal surgeon Professor Dion Morton from the University of Birmingham, where he has been Professor of Surgery since 2006. Professor Morton was also appointed the Barling Chair of Surgery at the University of Birmingham in 2015.

Professor Dion also chaired last year’s New Trial Forum which was noted as a highlight of the opening day. Don’t miss it!

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