Successful masterclass on treatment of complex anal fistula held in Rome. ESCP and the Regional Events Working Group proudly report on the masterclass.

ESCP leadESCP held a hugely successful sixth regional Masterclass on treating complex anal fistula at the Tor Vergata University Hospital, Rome on 19 November last year. The hands-on course was coordinated by David Zimmerman, long-standing ESCP Education Committee member, as well as Filippo La Torre.

The Masterclass, which attracted almost 90 delegates from 14 different countries, was organised in conjunction with the 7th Biennial Educational Meeting of the Italian Society for Colon and Rectal Surgeons (SICCR).

The faculty comprised well-known ESCP speakers and, intertwined into the programme, were local Italian experts. Engaging talks were delivered which covered all aspects of complex anal fistula including commonly accepted treatment techniques, the risks and dangers as well debating diagnostic procedures, pathophysiology, new promising therapeutic procedures and controversial results.

The event proved to be successful with an overall 4/5 star rating given by attendees and positive feedback received. Speaker-audience interaction flowed naturally and delegates raised many challenging questions.

Gaetano Gallo, ESPC (Italy), who attended the masterclass, said:

“The course was an exciting and engaging opportunity to meet and discuss an important and unsolved problem in colorectal surgery such as perianal and rectovaginal fistulas.”

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Rome Masterclass - view of audienceRome Masterclass - view of presentations Rome Masterclass - view of presentationsSpeaker at Rome Masterclass

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