Muhammad Imran AslamMuhammad Imran Aslam, senior colorectal trainee in East Midland Healthcare Workforce Deanery and honorary clinical lecturer at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, is the course director for the ESCP pre-conference workshop the operative techniques for the prevention and repair of parastomal hernia (PSH) in Vienna this September. This course has been run very successfully at the last two ESCP annual conferences.

Imran, who is also programme director for the ESCP fellowship programme, previously undertook a web-based survey to assess practice preferences of ESCP members for PSH prevention and repair to improve understanding about the choices of operative techniques, mesh selection and rationale for their use.

Imran explains why an educational focus on PSH is so important:

“The surgical repair of these hernias can be challenging, considering the weakened abdominal wall, the use of meshes in a contaminated environment and sometimes the need to completely re-site the stoma. Recently, focus has been on prevention, particularly with prophylactic mesh at the time of index surgery. Although advocated by some guidelines, it remains a controversial topic and many of the studies are conflicting. This workshop will give delegates an opportunity to seek clarity on issues surrounding PSH prevention and repair.”

Parastomal Hernia hands on courseThis one-day workshop is designed for delegates with early experience in managing patients with parastomal hernia. Attendees will be exposed to open and laparoscopic approaches for the prevention and repair of parastomal hernia. Therefore, an intermediate level of skills in laparoscopic surgery will be desirable for this workshop.

World experts including Ian Daniels, Philipp Kirchhoff, Jan Lambrecht and Sue Blackwell will join Mr Aslam during the day. Young ESCP members, Marijana Ninkovic (Y-ESCP) and Ines Rubio (Y-ESCP) will also be involved in delivering the course as will Sanjay Chaudhri, Miguel Urena and Alexander Hotouras.

During the hands-on training, delegates will practice parastomal hernia prevention and repair procedures on models.

Trainees will also be introduced to surgical anatomy of the abdominal wall, the need and timing for repair of parastomal hernia, abdominal wall reconstruction, techniques for prophylactic mesh reinforcement and repair of parastomal hernia. Additionally, common pitfalls in consent and choices of meshes will be discussed.

Imran Aslam says:

“While this interactive course is intended for surgeons with early operative experience in managing parastomal hernia, there is an opportunity for theatre nurses, stoma practice nurses, medical students and trainees in the early part of their training to attend the lecture/symposium only.”

Operative Techniques for the Prevention and Repair of Parastomal Hernia, a Hands-On Course will run from 09:00 to 17:30 on Tuesday 24 September at ESCP Vienna 2019. The fee is €300 ESCP Member / €400 Non-Member. Morning lectures only €100 - please see details online. Members are advised to book their place ASAP, as spaces are limited.

Additionally, Mr Aslam is looking forward to chairing the ESCP Fellowship Update on Wednesday 25 September at 18:10, and co-chairing the Trainee Video Session 1 with Marek Zawadzki on Thursday 27 September at 08:00.

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