Roel Hompes, Colorectal Surgeon at Academic Medical Center, is joined by Consultant Surgeon at Wroclaw Regional Hospital, Research and Development Center, Marek Zawadzki at 2019’s ESCP Conference in Vienna.

Marek Zawadzki
Marek Zawadzki
Roel Hompes
Roel Hompes

Both are ESCP Education Committee members and together they will lead the new pre-congress course, ‘VAC-assisted Management of the Open Abdomen and Anastomotic Leaks 'Hands-On' Course’.

This course is new for 2019 and addresses anastomotic leaks which are unfortunately still a common problem after resections for benign and malignant colorectal pathology.

Roel Hompes explains why ESCP has introduced this course:

"Anastomotic leaks after low anterior resections remain a common problem in the daily practice of colorectal surgeons. In our unit we believe that an early aggressive management of anastomotic leaks improves control of pelvic sepsis, reduces the incidence of chronic sinuses and lowers permanent stoma rates.

"This approach will be presented during the workshop and underpinned with clinical cases. We will provide surgeons with an established management pathway for the use on endoluminal negative pressure therapy and early surgical closure of anastomotic defects.

"The Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) for the open abdomen is another essential tool to for colorectal surgeons to master. Correct management of these complex conditions is essential to prevent further harm, control sepsis and finally obtain abdominal closure. Experts in this topic will discuss pitfalls and correct use of current available systems, including VAC dressings with continuous irrigation.

"The hands-on experience will be extremely valuable to gain insight into proper use of these valuable techniques."

The day’s programme will start with a session on ‘the open abdomen’ which will include both theoretical lectures and practical exercises. Attendees will familiarize themselves with modern treatment methods of open abdomen both with and without stoma, with a central focus on Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). Surgeons will also gain insight into the correct use and indications for the Instill-VAC therapy.

The programme will progress on to management of anastomotic leaks. This session will include case based discussions with Pieter Tanis and Roel Hompes.

Finally, attendees will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as they rotate among four different stations to simulate the topics that were discussed in the morning sessions. A particular emphasis will be placed upon the correct use of the Endosponge and attendees will learn to identify which patients might benefit from this approach.

VAC-assisted Management of the Open Abdomen and Anastomotic Leaks 'Hands-On' Course will run from 08:30 to 17:00 on Tuesday 24 September at ESCP Vienna 2019. The fee is €300 ESCP Member / €400 Non-Member. Members are advised to book their place ASAP, as spaces are limited.

Additionally, Marek Zawadzki is looking forward to co-chairing our first Trainee Video Session on Thursday, 08:00 - 09:30, and taking part in our Trainee Round Table Session on Friday, 07:45 - 09:15.

Roel Hompes will be co-chairing our Core Subject Update on Wednesday, 09:00 - 12:00, with Eloy Espin Basany. He will also speak at our keynote lecture: Management of malignant rectal polyp/early rectal cancer on Thursday, 11:25 - 11:55.

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