ESCP's first Global Reach webinar which took place on 24 July is available to view on our website. The webinar received a phenomenal 21,008 hits.

'East Meets West' was a collaboration with the Chinese Society of Colorectal Surgery, the Hong Kong Society of Coloproctology and the Korean Society of Coloproctology.

The first session of the webinar was 'Get prepared for the future wave of COVID-19'. The second session was 'Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision: evidence and perspective'.

Faculty: Aneel Bhangu (UK), Pamela Buchwald (Sweden), Jingjing He (China), Yuguang Huang (China), Suk Hwan Lee (Korea), Danilo Miskovic (UK), Dion Morton (UK), Simon Ng (Hong Kong, China), Jurriaan Tuynman (The Netherlands), Hans Wasmuth (Norway), Hongwei Yao (China), Zhongtao Zhang (China).

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