You can now playback the March Johnson & Johnson Institute #ColorectalLive live event. Richard Brady interviews ESCP Secretary, and Director of the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery at Humanitas University, Professor Antonino Spinelli.

In advance of the interview we previewed the event:

The two experts will sit down to discuss important topics in the field of colorectal surgery today. Richard will quiz Antonino, who focuses on advanced minimally invasive techniques, on the subject areas of training and subspecialisation, transanal rectal transection with a single-staple (TTSS) and transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME), as well as patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) surgery.

Antonino said:

"I’m excited to be able to share my personal experiences and insights into these hot topics to spark a lively discussion among my younger and more experienced colleagues.

"These are important discussions to be had right now because TaTME has brought about very innovative approach to low rectal cancer surgery. TTSS can be a further step forward for surgeons, too, if they know how to benefit from the best of both worlds: traditional TME and TaTME. And for those wanting to ‘think outside the box’, Intermuscular Dissection can be a further consideration.

"I’m looking forward to discussing this and more and I’m sure that there will be a lot for the audience to take away from this natural discussion, outside of traditional lecture-style learning."

This episode of #ColorectalLive will mark Antonino’s first live interview since taking on the important role of ESCP Secretary in September last year.

Antonino added:

"I’d like to touch on intermuscular dissection for the removal of early rectal tumours - a subject I’ve worked on with Roel Hompes. The idea is to allow the pathologist to perform a complete assessment without the risk of impairing the dissection plane of a possible future salvage TME - I think this should be of great interest for the audience to hear about in further detail."

Richard said:

"This interview with Antonino will undoubtably be of great interest to surgeons across the globe as we will discuss experiences and ideas on rectal surgery and IBD surgery, with a personal touch. Colorectal Live offers a unique set of comprehensive insights from leading colorectal surgeons on their individual areas of expertise, as well as their lives and career to date. Tonight’s broadcast will be a great opportunity for members and prospective members alike to get to know more about Antonino, his specialisms and the ESCP."

Antonio added:

"Be sure to tune in tonight to learn what the relation is between an aggressive gastroenterologist and a conservative surgeon when dealing with IBD patients!"

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