Together with the Chinese Society of Colorectal Surgery, the Hong Kong Society of Coloproctology and the Korean Society of Coloproctology, ESCP is delighted to announce our first Global Reach Webinar: 'East Meets West'.

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Date: Friday 24 July 2020

Time: 12:30 UK, 13:30 CET, 19:30 Beijing/Hong Kong, 20:30 Korea

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Time (UK)Session/Topic


Chairs: Simon Ng, Zhongtao Zhang

Session 1: Get prepared for the future wave of COVID-19

  Resuming elective surgery during COVID-19 pandemic: experience from China - Yuguang Huang
  Preparation for the second wave: European perspective - Aneel Bhangu


Panelists: Aneel Bhangu, Suk-Hwan Lee, Yuguang Huang, Zhongtao Zhang

Moderators: Dion Morton, Jingjing He

Session 2: Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision: evidence and perspective

  ESCP TaTME guidance - Danilo Miskovic
  COLOR III trial in China: an update - Hongwei Yao
  TaTME vs Robotic TME (TaRo) trial - Simon Ng
  TaTME: an adverse procedure for rectal cancer? - Hans Wasmuth
  Long-term outcomes of TaTME: the debate - Jurriaan Tuynman


Panelists: Danilo Miskovic, Simon Ng, Jurriaan Tuynman, Hans Wasmuth, Hongwei Yao

Moderators: Pamela Buchwald, Suk-Hwan Lee


Closing remarks

Chairs: Dion Morton, Suk-Hwan Lee

14:15 End of webinar


  • Aneel Bhangu

    Aneel Bhangu (UK)

  • Pamela Buchwald

    Pamela Buchwald (Sweden)

  • Jingjing He

    Jingjing He (China)

  • Yuguang Huang

    Yuguang Huang (China)

  • Suk Hwan Lee

    Suk-Hwan Lee (Korea)

  • Danilo Miskovic

    Danilo Miskovic (UK)

  • Dion Morton

    Dion Morton (UK)

  • Simon Ng

    Simon Ng (Hong Kong, China)

  • Jurriaan Tuynman

    Jurriaan Tuynman (The Netherlands)

  • Hans Wasmuth

    Hans Wasmuth (Norway)

  • Hongwei Yao

    Hongwei Yao (China)

  • Zhongtao Zhang

    Zhongtao Zhang (China)

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