Our next Global Reach Webinar will be on 19 March 2021, 11am GMT

Preliminary programme

Topic 1: Should we or should we not: resect asymptomatic primary colorectal cancer in patients with unresectable synchronous metastases?

Advances in chemotherapy have greatly extended life, even for incurable diseases. This brings new challenges to the surgeon and new decisions to make.

  1. Resection of asymptomatic primary colorectal cancer in patients with unresectable synchronous metastases - what does the evidence say? - Surendra Kumar Mantoo (Singapore)
  2. CAIRO4: The role of surgery of the primary tumour with few or absent symptoms in patients with synchronous unresectable metastases of colorectal cancer - Hans de Wilt (The Netherlands)
  3. SOULMATE: Liver transplantation in stable incurable disease - Per Lindner (Sweden)

Topic 2: Studies from ESCP and collaborators

PROPHER will be the first surgical study to use patient reported outcomes, with follow up data uploaded by the patients. Parastomal hernia is a widespread problem for patients and one that surgeons struggle to manage. PROPHER will investigate the different techniques being used around the world to guide surgeons in their practice. New collaborators are always welcome.

EAGLE is an international, multi-centre, cluster randomised-sequence service improvement study of the ESCP Safe-anastomosis Quality Improvement Intervention to reduce anastomotic leak following right colectomy and ileocaecal resection. Any hospital or surgical unit performing elective and/or emergency colorectal surgery may participate.

  1. PROPHER - Tom Pinkney (UK), Cohort Study lead for ESCP Research Committee
  2. EAGLE - Dion Morton (UK), Global Reach Committee
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