Peter Christensen and Miguel Cunha

On 16 Jul 2020

Summary by Professor Peter Christensen and Dr Miguel Cunha. As ESCP is becoming a global network, worldwide views and perspectives are considered very important for us, not only to know what is happening in each continent, but also to share experiences and knowledge. We aim for teamwork to be a foundation for our daily practice as medical doctors in general, and colorectal surgeons in particular.

On 16 Jul 2020

Miguel Cunha interviews Dr Cristián Gallardo, colorectal surgeon in Santiago, about the global impact of the pandemic in South America and about the major consequences for benign and malign coloproctology diseases.

Miguel Cunha, Mariano Vaingurt and Nicolas Avellaneda

On 15 Jul 2020

Miguel Cunha speaks to colorectal surgeons Dr Nicolas Avellaneda and Dr Mariano Vaingurt in Buenos Aires about how they are coping with and looking to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. #SouthAmericaWeek

Guilherme Pagin São Julião with Cristián Gallardo

On 14 Jul 2020

Cristián Gallardo interviews Guilherme Pagin São Julião, colorectal surgeon from São Paulo, about the current reality facing surgeons in Brazil with the COVID-19 crisis. #SouthAmericaWeek

On 13 Jul 2020

Cristián Gallardo kicks off #SouthAmericaWeek with an introduction to the subcontinent, the role of ALACP and areas of colorectal research being pursued. Cristián is from Hospital Clínico San Borja Arriarán, Santiago, Chile.

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