On 5 Jan 2018

Fraser Smith summarises his learning and experiences in the final part of his report as ESCP 2017 Japan Travelling Fellow.

Vast bronze statue of the Buddha reclining

On 3 Jan 2018

In Part 6 of his report, Fraser gives a talk at the JSCP conference and spends his last day exploring mountain villages in the Fukuoka region.

Image of a tumour that had lap pelvic exent after neoadjuvant therapy

On 29 Dec 2017

Fraser Smith furthers his learning about ESD during an anterior resection at a hospital in Osaka. Read Part 5 of Fraser's report.

Fraser Smith and Dr Uemura in Osaka

On 27 Dec 2017

In Part 4 of his report, ESCP Japan Travelling Fellow Fraser Smith is impressed by his Japanese colleagues' laparoscopic skills, and takes some time to reflect in beautiful surrounds.

Hakone station

On 22 Dec 2017

Fraser Smith continues his Japan Travelling Fellow's report on his experiences at the National Cancer Centre, and visits to Hakone and Kyoto. View Part 3 here.

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