On 18 Dec 2015

ESCP is looking for a full time international research manager. This is an exciting new opportunity for someone with energy and drive to work with the ESCP to establish a network of hospitals across Europe to develop and deliver international clinical trials in colorectal surgery.

On 16 Dec 2015

Read the latest update on ESCP's 2016 snapshot audit on closure of intestinal stoma:

On 26 Nov 2015

ESCP wish to invite your application of interest for involvement in the activities of the Society. We are keen to give our members an active role by: introducing Young ESCP Representatives on sub-committees, and establishing a new working group charged with the responsibility of developing a series of new initiatives for young members and trainees in the organisation.

On 1 May 2015

The University Hospital Zurich invite ESCP members to participate in the study: Management of Anal Fistulae in Patients with Crohn’s Disease: An International Study Comparing Current Treatment Practices of Gastroenterologists and Colorectal Surgeons.

On 22 Apr 2015

Applications are now closed. We are pleased to again announce this excellent opportunity, kindly initiated and organised by the International Committee of the Japan Society of Coloproctology. ESCP has been collaborating with the Japan Society of Coloproctology (JSCP) on a reciprocal basis now since 2008 and it is with pleasure that we welcome Dr. Kenji Matsuda to our congress in Dublin in September.  

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