On 25 Apr 2013

Mr Greg Wynn (Consultant General Surgeon at Colchester Hospital, UK) would be grateful if you could complete this short, anonymous survey (10 mins) and share your thoughts. It is addressed to all surgeons who treat patients with rectal cancer, whatever the environment in which their professional activity is carried out.

On 26 Jan 2013

St Mark's Hospital in London are working to improve and widen educational opportunities.Thier DVD selection is now available to watch online. A further initiative has been to record some of the courses and grand rounds that are given at St Mark's.  Grand Rounds form an important part of in-house education at St Mark's. Covering a wide variety of subjects, these are usually given on a weekly basis and we are now pleased to make these available to view online free of charge. Click here to visit St Mark’s E-Learning Centre

On 18 Jan 2013

A number of opportunities for members to represent ESCP and sit on committees have come up. For information, click on the links below: New Guidelines Overview Group (deadline extended) ESCP Representative to join ESSO-ESMO-ESTRO collaboration on Anal Cancer Guidelines (deadline passed) Representative on Colorectal Disease Editorial Board New members for the Education and Training Committee (deadline passed) Assistant Secretary (deadline 31 March 2013)

On 11 Oct 2011

With generous help from Medtronic, ESCP will be providing financial support for fellowships during 2012. The fellowships will each be for a 3 month period and aim to assist European surgeons currently training in coloproctology. ESCP aims to support five fellowships during the first half of 2012: four fellowships at a pelvic floor unit one fellowship at either a colorectal cancer, laparoscopic surgery, proctology or inflammatory bowel disease unit. Applications from Training Units are now closed.

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