On 2 Feb 2023

Audrius Dulskas, colorectal surgeon and surgical oncologist at National Cancer Institute of Vilnius, Lithuania, shares with the ESCP audience details on the recent ESCP audit for Faecal Incontinence.

Stéphanie Breukink, Sadé Assmann, Vittoria Bellato and Zoe Garoufalia

On 1 Feb 2023

Faecal incontinence has detrimental social, psychological, physical and economic impact and significantly impairs quality of life. Recently, new guidelines were published with the collaboration of European Society of Coloproctology, United European Gastroenterology, European Society of Neurogastroenterology and the European Society for Primary Care Gastroenterology.

On 25 Jan 2023

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On 24 Jan 2023

Faecal incontinence can severely impair quality of life, leading to social isolation and high financial cost for the healthcare system. This coming February ESCP dedicates to raise awareness on this disabling condition.

On 12 Jan 2023

The ESCP Safe-anastomosis Programme in Colorectal Surgery (EAGLE) study concluded in December 2022. Data is being cleaned prior to analysis.

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