On 31 Oct 2023

October’s Paper of the Month looks the role of the enteric nervous system in mediating the aggravating effect of chronic stress on intestinal inflammation.

On 31 Oct 2023

The American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons International Committee is offering several international travel awards to attend the 2024 ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Baltimore.

On 18 Oct 2023

ESCP representation within the UEG.

On 10 Oct 2023

ESCP’s latest audit and cohort study, Wound Closure and Surgical Site Infection Prevention Strategies in Abdominal Surgery (WOLVERINE) was launched at the Global Reach Symposium at ESCP's 2023 Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

On 2 Oct 2023

Dr Emile Coetzee SASES President, reports on 'Day-to-Day Practice in Colorectal Surgery', ESCP's second Beyond Europe Masterclass.

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