On 30 Jun 2023

June's 'Paper of the Month' is a systematic review and meta-analysis which aimed to provide comprehensive evidence-based assessment of the discontinuity of the marginal artery at the splenic flexure and the rectosigmoid junction.

On 19 Jun 2023

An Interview with Paola de Nardi.

On 19 Jun 2023

An Interview with Professor Carlo Ratto on fecal incontinence.

On 15 Jun 2023

The European School of Coloproctology is excited to announce a new and educational series of webinars focusing on faecal incontinence and obstructed defecation. We are thrilled to host a diverse faculty of globally renowned experts who will deliver insightful presentations on these critical areas in colorectal health.

On 31 May 2023

What's new in 2022/2023 in Hereditary Colorectal Cancer?

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