Digestive Health Month - Join us the May  - #IngestTheBest

On 25 Apr 2023

A call-out from our colleagues at UEG to celebrate Digestive Health Month and participate in a public awareness campaign.

On 25 Apr 2023

ESCP offered 3-month Functional Disorder Fellowships and 6-month Robotics Fellowships for 2021-2022. Fellows report here on their experiences.

On 3 Apr 2023

Professor Dion Morton recently spoke with Dr Nicolas Avellaneda about the FOxTROT Study. Watch this video to find out more about the trial, and how this trial could change the way we are treating patients with colon cancer.

Dion Morton

On 30 Mar 2023

ESCP's Global Reach Committee, with leading speakers and panelists, will explore the updated management for fecal incontinence from a global perspective and discuss the challenges and opportunities for improving patient outcomes worldwide. Join us.

On 10 Mar 2023

March’s paper of the month looks at the FOxTROT trial, a randomised control trial comparing recurrence rate in patients with locally advanced colon cancer receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) vs. postoperative chemotherapy.

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