On 24 May 2023

May's 'Paper of the Month' looks at a study which aimed to evaluate transanal irrigation (TAI) as a treatment for low anterior resection syndrome (LARS).

On 9 May 2023

ECCO is starting work on a consensus 'Inflammatory bowel disease in low and lower-middle income countries: challenges in diagnosis, management and gaps in knowledge'.

On 9 May 2023

'Tailoring colorectal cancer treatment', Swedish Colorectal Days and ESCP masterclass took place in Malmö, Sweden, 20-21 April 2023.

On 30 Apr 2023

April's 2023 'Paper of the Month' presents a randomized clinical trial on colorectal endoscopic stenting (CReST) for obstructing left-sided colorectal cancer.

On 27 Apr 2023

Complete Mesocolic Excision (CME) in Right-Sided Colon Cancer - An Interview with Dr Patricia Tejedor 

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