ESCP is keen to get more members involved in its highly respected Research Committee which is active across Europe and beyond. Charles Knowles explains why.

The commitment to quality research is central to ESCP’s vision to promote the best in the prevention and treatment of colorectal disease. ESCP views increasing clinical research collaboration across Europe as key to developing a clear understanding of progress and development in the coloproctological field.

The work of the ESCP’s Research Committee is now highly respected in Europe and beyond with active and increasing engagement of coloproctology experts from countries such as the United States, Japan and Korea.

The ESCP Research Hub hosts resources including its far-reaching multi-centre snap-shot audits as well as the international trials portfolio map.


Charles Knowles
Charles Knowles

Charles Knowles, ESCP's Assistant Research Committee Chair, writes:


“The support and promotion of translational research in all areas of coloproctology is essential to delivering better care for patients. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with the ESCP’s Research Committee so far but it is not an option to rest on our laurels.

“We have to keep pushing for more insights to inform future innovation in care. We’re keen to get more ESCP members involved in activities of the Research Committee to continue our drive to be the leading organisation of multinational colorectal surgical research. We welcome interest from surgeons around Europe.”

Applicants should send a letter of application, CV and a letter of recommendation to ESCP's Secretariat.

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