ESCPs Education Committee is looking for new members to help deliver cutting-edge training.

The ESCP is Europe’s leading society in coloproctology. Its Education Committee is committed to delivering and expanding high-quality, contemporary education for colorectal surgeons and associated healthcare professionals through expert guidance and practical training. The committee is responsible for designing a range of training events each year and aims to provide the finest standard of education to practitioners across Europe.

It recently launched the European School of Coloproctology (ESC), which offers a continuous catalogue of educational opportunities and activities. These resources are available to medics at various stages of their professional career and are intended to provide the most up-to-date information and training.

Since 2015, the Education Committee has also provided several regional masterclasses, which offer specialist teaching modules. Previous locations include Budapest, Stockholm and Rome. The next masterclass is due to take place later this year on the 1st November in Cardiff, Wales.

In addition, the committee offers a route towards obtaining the only available certification in coloproctology within Europe, through the ESBQ (European Board of Surgical Qualification) examination. Successful candidates are awarded the title 'Fellow of the European Board of Coloproctology', placing them in a well-regarded position which is rapidly becoming the norm for specialists in this field.

Dieter Hahnloser, the Chair of ESCP’s Education Committee, says:

“As chair, I am proud of what the ESCP’s Education Committee has accomplished. In order to maintain our status as a leading international coloproctological organisation, we must continue to support professionals with the provision of cutting-edge training informed by the latest research and techniques. We’re therefore keen to get more ESCP members involved in the Education Committee to ensure fresh education initiatives to promote continuous improvement in outcomes for patients. We welcome interest from surgeons around Europe.”

Applicants should submit the following documents to ESCP's Secretariat.

  • CV
  • Letter of application/motivation
  • Letter of recommendation

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