ESCP Research Committee are delighted to accept their first case report through the website portal and application process.

The report 'A case of refractory anal fistula treated with Ksharasutra' by Dr Punchoor Ramesh Bhat provides further insight into the expert management of anal fistula in India. In his introduction Dr Ramesh says:

Many surgical interventions are practiced all over world for anal fistula. Still its rate of recurrence is up to 60%. Sushruta, an ancient Indian surgeon, dedicated two chapters in his text book Sushruta Samhita in 500 BC, on anal fistula, its different methods of surgical excisions and 'Ksharasutra' - 'Medicated Seton therapy'. It is practiced in India with a recurrence rate cited to be less than 4% for crypto-glandular fistula. Success rates may be higher if internal opening or infected anal gland is precisely identified and located.

The case of anal fistula discussed in this report was successfully treated with Ksharasutra after 26 previous failed surgical interventions.

Read 'A case of refractory anal fistula treated with Ksharasutra' here

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