Diversity bias will be a lecture topic at this year's ESCP conference and, to make this as reflective as possible, Franco Marinello and Gianluca Pellino have produced a survey which they invite colorectal surgeons and trainees to take part in.

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During recent years, increasing attention has been paid to openness and inclusivity in surgery. Diversity enriches working groups, but many colorectal surgeons are still facing barriers and difficulties in their everyday life at work because of colleagues regarding them as 'different'.

This issue has been neglected for too long. At ESCP's 2021 Annual Conference there will be a dedicated lecture on 'Overcoming prejudice and diversity bias in colorectal surgery', which will be delivered by Dr Franco Marinello.

Franco Marinello is a consultant colorectal surgeon at Barcelona's Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Spain. His special interests include colorectal cancer, proctology, and functional diseases. He says:

"I have always been very keen to highlight the silent struggle of those surgeons who are being discriminated against at work, or even bullied by colleagues. Most common offences or disrespectful conducts are involuntary or not perceived to be that offensive, whilst they are for the victims involved. The latter can be profoundly affected; they might feel embarrassed, so that their working place can become uncomfortable or, sometimes, unbearable.

Being passionate on this topic, I felt that it would be interesting, when delivering my talk, to provide a snapshot of the opinions of colorectal colleagues on diversity bias, and how this has affected their practice and private life. Therefore I have developed a short questionnaire, to collect such information, which I will present at the ESCP's upcoming conference. Thank you for taking the time to reply to it."

Gianluca Pellino, colleague of Franco Marinello at Vall d’Hebron, and co-chair of ESCP's Social Media Working Group, stated:

"It was with great pleasure that gave my small contribution to my friend and colleague, Franco, in working together on the questionnaire. Whilst imperfect, it is one of the first attempts to collect such information on a taboo topic. Indeed, interesting results are likely to be obtained… stay tuned, take the survey, spread it, and do not forget to attend Franco’s lecture on Thursday 23 September 2021, at 15.20 at Virtually Barcelona 2021!"

Dr Eloy Espín-Basany, President in Waiting of the ESCP, reached out to by the Social Media Working Group, fully supported the initiative promoted by Dr Marinello:

"I have the pleasure of having Franco on my team at the Colorectal Unit at Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona. He has kindly accepted a tough task: delivering such a delicate talk will not be easy, but he will be ideal for that. The idea to collect the opinions of colleagues on potential diversity bias in colorectal surgery is brilliant, and I am very happy to support it. I will be eagerly waiting to listen to his talk at ESCP 2021, as many potential areas needing prompt actions could be identified, both at local level at as a society."

Join the survey now, and join the session! Thanks!

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Take part in the survey here

Dr Marinello lecture 'Overcoming prejudice and diversity bias in colorectal surgery' will take place on Thursday 23 September 2021, at 15.20-15.30 CET during the session 'Gender, Diversity, and Society'.

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