The deadline for submitting applications for the IPAA and continent ileostomy workshop on 15-16 November is looming but there is still time for surgeons to register for this excellent opportunity. You have until Thursday 8 November to apply – don’t miss out! The workshop will take place at the fantastic Johnson & Johnson Institute in Hamburg, Germany. 

The workshop is a training initiative by ESCP's European School of Coloproctology and the EHTG (European Hereditary Tumour Group) to promote theoretical background knowledge and practical experience on the ileoanal pouch procedure and two different variants of a continent ileostomy.

This highly interactive, two-day workshop is designed to teach and discuss important technical details regarding the ileoanal pouch (IPAA) and continent ileostomy as a salvage procedure and alternative to end ileostomy if a pouch fails - and 30% of ileoanal pouches eventually do fail for a variety of different reasons. Other indications than inflammatory bowel disease and hereditary colorectal syndromes may apply for continent ileostomies.

Therefore this highly interactive workshop should be of interest to any surgeon involved in ileoanal pouches and experience in this field is a prerequisite for attendance at the hands-on second day of the workshop, whereas the first day is open to all interested parties, including stomatherapists, nurse practitioners and councillors. Surgeons interested in participating will be selected according to having expertise in pouch surgery.

The first day will include sessions such as 'Evolution' and 'History', 'Contraindication and Failure' and 'Postoperative Care'. Day two will focus on practical operative training on animal models and using case study examples such as FAP, UC and Crohn’s disease.

Gabriela Möslein
Gabriela Möslein, course director

Course director Gabriela Möslein said:

"This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for surgeons to improve their knowledge, understanding and practical experience of the ileoanal pouch procedure and specifically the forgotten salvage procedure of continent ileostomies.

"We have an excellent experienced faculty from Sweden and Germany and interactive sessions planned over to the two days. Practical experience will be the asset of the second day, allowing for construction laparoscopic ileoanal pouches, fashioning these into continent ileostomies and vice versa. We look forward to seeing our successful candidates in Hamburg next month. You will then be some of the first to learn this forgotten value of the procedure described 1967 by Nils Kock, which has now revolved in a modified fashion."

More information about the workshop and application process here

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