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Resource Library

Resource Library

video YKL-40 and P53 Expressions In Anal Carcinoma Predict Shorter Overall and Disease Free Survival

By In Anal Cancer, AIN, Condylomata

Free Paper - Massimiliano Mistrangelo at ESCP Prague 2009

video Retrorectal Tumours

By In Presacral Tumours

Keynote lecture - John Northover at ESCP Prague 2009

video A Trend of the Treatment for Submucosal Invasive Colorectal Cancer

By In Endoscopy

Oral poster - In Taek Lee at ESCP Prague 2009

video Complication Of Anorectal Trauma

By In Anorectal trauma

Oral poster - Lindita Mano at ESCP Prague 2009

video Long-term outcome of self expanding metallic stents versus emergency surgery in obstructed colorectal cancer

By In Obstruction

Oral poster - Aswatha Ramesh at ESCP Prague 2009

video Is Laparoscopy Delivering?

By In Varia

Keynote Lecture - Roberto Bergamaschi at ESCP Prague 2009

video Peritoneal pseudomyxoma of the appendiceal origin: results of cytoreductive surgery in the combination with intraperitoneal photodynamic therapy

By In Varia

Oral poster - Leonid Petrov at ESCP Prague 2009

video Consultants

By In Varia

Roberto Bergamaschi, Jiri Hoch, Jim Fleshmann, Ronan O

video Examining Differences In Case Selection Between High and Low Volume Surgeons Performing Ileo-anal Pouch Surgery In England

By In Education, Training, Science writing

Free paper - Elaine Burns at ESCP Prague 2009

video The Impact Of Hospital Provider Volume On Postoperative Mortality Following Major Emergency Colorectal Surgery In English NHS Trusts Between 2001 and 2005

By In Complications

Oral poster - Elaine Burns at ESCP Prague 2009

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